prE scHOOL  

Our early childhood curriculum is based on theoretically sound practice and extensive research in child development, pedagogy, learning theories and brain research. We follow a mix of Montessori and kindergarten method of teaching. Our Montessori curriculum is formed by The North American Montessori Centre; a proud member of The International Association for Montessori Educators (IAME).Every month we have a different theme which helps children learn about the world around them along with the necessary academics. We encourage the kids to play co-operatively and to share their toys. A lot of value is placed on moral science and self independence.

We maintain a student teacher ratio of 7:1 in all our classes.

Learning objectives for various classes are as follows :-

Playgroup :  
To be able to use brush Recognize numbers till 10
Recognize all the alphabets Remember atleast 5 rhymes
Nursery :  
Quantify Write alphabets
Introduction to hindi Learn to converse in English
Days of the week Months in a year
Junior Kindergarten :  
Learn to tell time Quantify and value
Opposites Write in hindi
Read and write words in english  
Senior Kindergarten :  
Pictorial Additions Basic grammar
Write words in hindi Read simple sentences
Introduction to French  

Activities conducted throughout the year :
Sports Day Annual Day Post office visit
Fruit market Fire station visit Navratri dandiya dance
Diwali play Christmas party Pyjama party
Id celebration Fancy dress Grand parents day
Old age home visit Car wash day Friendship day