Welcome to KOALA Hug  

Koala hug is set up with the whole purpose of giving a loving and caring atmosphere to children. A school where our culture is valued, preserved and passed on to the next generation. Our program is based on research and drafted by experienced and internationally qualified curricula drafters.

Every month we have a different theme. Each theme is reviewed and approved by an advisory committee consisting of teachers and consultants to ensure that the level of education exceeds foundation requirements and assures a smooth transition into elementary schooling. The curriculum has an inbuilt Perceptual motor program that aims to engage children in a variety of physical activities and exercises to promote perception, gross and fine motor skills.

We help children to :
    Be vibrantly inquisitive about new things                      Respect elders
    Enjoy the process of learning                                  Value our culture
    Respect his/her own mind & abilities                          Feel purposeful & valuable
    Become an independent, confident adult.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein


At Koala hug we take care of children in an atmosphere created after careful consideration. We have fully qualified nurse on duty at all times. We believe in the good results of Montessori education on child’s mental, physical and social ability.

pRe School

At Koala hug we follow a mix of Montessori and kindergarten method of teaching. Our Montessori curriculum is formed by The North American Montessori Centre; a proud member of The International Association for Montessori Educators (IAME).

ActivitY CenteR

At Koala hug we have loads of activities planned this summer ranging from toy making, art & craft, chess, singing, talkathon, kids gym, magic shows, puppetry, nature’s basket and many more.We have regular classes going on in our kids club