At Koala hug we carry out following activities :

    Summer school (2-6 years) : We have loads of activities planned this summer ranging from toy making, art & craft, chess, singing, talkathon, kids gym, magic shows, puppetry, nature’s basket and many more.

Kids Club
We have regular classes going on in our kids club :

    Talkathon (2.5 to 4 years) : Children are made to work on their speaking skills. There communication skill is enhanced and they have greater confidence while talking with strangers.

    Chess Club (4 & above) : Skills of chess are known to sharpen the brain cells. Now children can learn and practise the art of playing chess with experts.

    Art Class (2.5 to 4 years) : Different art forms like origami, leaf stamping, finger painting, etc, are taken up.

    Stammer out : A class for stammering children. Through time proven methods children are cured of stammering.

    Kid’s gym : Emphasis is placed on age- appropriate balancing, tumbling, hanging, and agility skills in a structured format. It is the time for kids to jump, bounce, crawl, climb, hop and play.We have state of the art gym facility. Children are made to train on the trainer, baby weights, rope bridge, balancing beams, tunnels, etc.